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Siam Bodyworks Signature

Siam Signature Massage brings many of these elements together. It is part an acupressure treatment that blends Medium tissue massage, part Swedish (using longer strokes and the different specific strokes of Swedish massage), Sport Massage as well as rocking, compressions, stretching and deeper techniques from Thai Traditional Massage. Overall, it is one of the most holistic forms of massage therapy and definitely treats both body and mind.

Thai Massage San Diego
Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage
(Yoga Massage)

Thai massage or Thai yoga massage is a traditional therapy combining acupressure and stretches, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. The idea of Sen-lines alias or energy-lines was first used as "Thai yoga massage". 

Compared to other massage, Thai massage is more dynamic and invigorating. The masseuse uses every part of her body, the hands, elbows, forearms, knees, shins, and even feet, not only to stretch you but also to apply pressure on your muscles and loosen your joints.

Benefits :

- Reduces tension

- Relieves fatigue

- Stress reduction

- Helping to stop spasms and relax tight muscles

- Mobilizes your joints

- Stimulates blood circulation and lymph drainage

- Increases flexibility and range of movement

- Improves postural alignment

- Calms the nervous system and promotes a deep sense of relaxation

Relaxations Swedish Massage(Classic Oil Massage)

Swedish massages involve using light, gentle strokes. This is meant to be relaxing and calming.

Swedish Massage helps to clear the body and mind of unwanted responses to stress. Increase Flexibility. Swedish Massage will elongate the muscles, open the joints and decrease swelling, all of which will ease movement and increase flexibility. Improve Posture.

Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage centers on realigning the deeper layers of connective and muscle tissue. It aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the tense areas, either following or going across the fiber's of the muscles, tendons and fascia.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage is a very gentle light massage that helps to direct lymphatic fluid towards the lymph nodes. The lymphatic system is part of your immune system and cleans toxins, proteins, cancer cells, viruses, and dead cells about 20 times faster than the body is able to do on it's own. Once a large amount of toxins are eliminated, the body is able to relax more deeply and use it's energy more directly to regenerate the cells. People have been known to lose weight, have increased energy level

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
sport massage

Sport Massage

Sports massage is a deep form of soft tissue mobilization. A sports massage can be applied in a sporting and non-sporting context. Sports massage involves a wide range of techniques that include effleurage, kneading, wringing, hacking and trigger pointing. A sports massage is used for general relaxation of the muscular skeletal system as well as being directed towards any problem areas. Sports massage helps relieve muscular tension, break down adhesion's, mobilize soft tissues and reduce pain.

Sports massage therapy is directed toward athletes of every kind. Therapists use a specific application of massage techniques to achieve a specific goal for athletes of different types. Sports massages can be given pre-event, post-event, or when an injury takes place.

A couples massage

A couples massage is when two people are massaged at the same time in the same room. We have special treatment rooms that are set up with two separate massage tables so that each client can be massaged at the same time by two different therapists.

Couples Massage
Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy massage focuses on addressing the special needs of expecting women. Specially-designed massage tables, cushions, and side-lying postures are used to prevent putting pressure on the abdomen. Also have Prenatal Thai Yoga Massage, is a healing system that nourishes moms-to-be as their bodies prepare for childbirth. It combines the mindful movements of yoga with the nurturing touch of massage. Prenatal Thai Massage can be performed in every trimester.

Medical massage therapy

Medical massage therapy is designed to strategically target medical conditions that are diagnosed by a physician. During your medical massage treatment, your therapist will use different massage techniques and procedures. Medical massages usually occur in 30-minute or 1-hour blocks of time. different therapists.

Head Massage

Scalp Massage

A scalp massage is a head massage designed to relax the mind and encourage circulation. Many times, tension is felt within the head and neck, so scalp massages can be very effective as a stress reducer. Warm oil is massaged throughout the scalp, working to relax tight muscles in the temple and neck regions.

A head massage is a great way to boost your memory and improve concentration. It improves blood flow to the brain by making use of the right pressure points.

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a form of massage therapy centered around the idea that pressure points in the feet are directly connected to other areas of the body, including organs. It's though that when pressure is applied to these points, you will encounter better overall health and rejuvenation.

There are a couple of theories surrounding reflexology and its efficacy. They mainly focus on energy. It’s thought that energy within the body communicates freely through electromagnetic fields.

Sometimes, energy can become blocked. Foot reflexology is thought to clear the path for better communication between the organs and the rest of the body’s energy fields. Another theory maintains that putting pressure on points in the foot during reflexology can help break up lactic acid crystals that stop energy flow.

Cupping Massage

Cupping therapy

Cupping therapy, also known as myofascial decompression, it is an ancient healing therapy that some people use to ease pain. A provider places cups on your back, stomach, arms, legs or other parts of your body. Inside the cup, a vacuum or suction force pulls skin upward. Cupping is a form of traditional Chinese and Middle Eastern medicine. People have practiced cupping therapy for thousands of years.  Suction from cupping draws fluid into the treated area. This suction force expands and breaks open tiny blood vessels (capillaries) under the skin. Your body treats the cupping area like an injury. It sends more blood to the area to stimulate the natural healing process. Some people theorize that cupping clears the pores and releases toxins.

Hot Stone Massage

The stone massage is a form of alternative medicine massage therapy and bodywork involving the placement of a number of either heated or cooled stones to the body for the purpose of pain relief, relaxation and therapy. Hot stones, when used during massage, allow the massage therapist to utilize the basic Swedish massage techniques including long strokes, kneading, rolling, tapping, and circular movements, just with rocks instead of the hands.

Wooden Massage

Wooden Massage or Bamboo massage, hollow bamboo canes are used as a massage tool, either warmed or at room temperature. Bamboo massage therapy utilizes the technique of deep tissue massage, but with a firmer and more extensive technique to reach knots formed by lactic acid and other tension-causing wastes. However, bamboo massage therapy can also do more for you than improve your mobility and reduce pain. Bamboo massage therapy can also help to improve your skin. Bamboo extract contains silica, which assists your body in absorbing calcium, potassium, magnesium and other essential minerals that give your skin a healthy glow. Bamboo massage can also help to alleviate psoriasis and eczema because of its anti-irritant properties and antioxidants. Other Benefits, Improves joint stiffness, Improves sleep quality, Improves clarity of mind, Improves lymphatic drainage, Releases endorphins.

Thai Herbal Poultice Full-Body Massage
(Thai Herbal Compress Balls)

The traditional healing art of the Thai Herbal Poultice (Luk Pra Kob) This remarkable Thai massage experience combines all the right moves in all the right places to relieve stress where it manifest. Your journey to recovery starts with Thai acupressure massage to release tight knots in the muscles, followed by the application of a hot steamed herbal compress to relieve stress, detoxify, increase circulation and energize. Your path to recovery is completed with our aromatherapy massage. Its made from various dried herbs wrapped in cotton traditionally used in Thai medicine. The Thai Herbal Compress ball is used to alleviate pain or inflammation (especially good post partum) by opening the pores and bringing a medicinal heat to muscles to induce relaxation.Benafits,- Stimulate your nerves and relax the body- Improve blood circulation- Improves the efficiency of the different organs- Soothes aching muscle and stiff joint- Relieves stress and fatigue- Assists alignment and postural integrity of the body- Boosts both emotional and physical well-being


Aromatherapy - Essential Oils

Essential oils are basically plant extracts, smell great, reduce stress, treat fungal infections, and help you sleep, helps to improve blood circulation and can therefore relieve muscle spasms and backaches. Frankincense and cypress essential oils are also awesome at reducing inflammation and improve circulation, which helps reduce pain and spasms.
Some studies indicate that there's a benefit to using essential oils can alleviate conditions such as: Anxiety, Depression, Nausea, Insomnia, Low appetite, Dry mouth.

Aromatic Oils
Traditional Thai Massage

Muscle Relaxant Herbal Balm and Oils

Muscle relaxants herbal oil/cream is one of Thailand's Top of balm. It is combination of herbal ingredient that truly work to relieve many bodily discomforts, muscular aches and pains and sprains. . Perfectly proved themselves against problems associated with the musculoskeletal system, arthrosis, arthritis, back pain. They are a great help for varicose veins, eliminate itching from insect bites, help fight colds, skin diseases, and eliminate headaches.

Thai Herbal Balm
Traditional Thai Massage

SunBurns - Aloe Vera Oils

Aloe Vera Extract – promotes elasticity and the appearance of firmer skin. ​ In addition, aloe vera has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Used topically in a massage cream, it may help speed cell regeneration and ease such conditions as psoriasis, eczema, acne and skin ulcers.

Aloe Vera Oil
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